Child Protection and Safe Guarding Policy 2023

The trustees are aware of the need to follow best practices in relation to safeguarding, noting that all of the charity’s beneficiaries are children and young people and many of them may be considered vulnerable for various reasons. 


The organisation has appointed a senior safeguarding lead, Emma Hoxworth.


An experienced Mental Health Practitioner, Emma is the senior mental health practitioner and psychologist for Barnardo’s TIGER SERVICES. Emma works with children and young people in a therapeutic capacity and is experienced in safeguarding matters.  Emma is currently a trainee Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist training at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust and is based in a NHS CAMHS clinic in Redbridge and works with children aged 0-25.


The organisation has a child safeguarding and protection policy, safeguarding complaints policy, trustee code of conduct, whistleblowing policy, and safe employment policy. 

The organisation has an NSPCC-instructed Photography & Filming Policy Statement which applies to any filming and photography. It also explains how any images of children and young people are used and how they are stored. 


All artists, production staff and volunteers are provided with training and must sign up to the organisation’s safeguarding policies. They will be trained in: our code of conduct; definitions of abuse and harm; recognising signs of abuse; and how to respond to concerns and disclosures. 


All volunteers will know who is the designated safeguarding lead, and that they should go to them with any concerns. The designated safeguarding lead will keep up to date with government guidance and when necessary take further training to ensure they are clear about their role, and what action to take in response to different concerns. 

We will apply for enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for all volunteers and staff for whom we are legally required to do so. 


When working in educational settings, we reassure teachers/parents/guardians/carers that their children will receive the best practicable care possible whilst participating in our programmes. 


All children and young people who participate in our programmes are asked to provide a parental consent form and video release form. Both forms are NSPCC-instructed. 


If a volunteer/workshop artist has any concerns they should inform Safeguarding Lead Officer Steven Hevey who will investigate the matter in compliance with Caedmon’s safeguarding procedures. 


If they have concerns about a member of Caedmon staff or Steven Hevey, they can contact Deputy Safeguarding Officer Emma Barr who will again follow the same investigative procedures. 


If they are unhappy with how Emma Barr has dealt with their complaint they can contact The Senior Safeguarding Lead for the Caedmon Company, who is trustee Emma Hoxworth.

If you would like to read our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in full or require contact details for Steven Hevey, Emma Barr or Emma Hoxworth please do contact us using the form on the contact page.