Our Mission

We are a company of professional artists, well-being and education workers who provide opportunities for participation in the arts via high-quality arts-based learning programmes in aspirational settings designed to help socially disadvantaged children and young people learn new personal and interpersonal skills and broaden their horizons (appreciation of/access to the arts).
We firmly believe in the power of the theatre to inspire, educate, and empower children and young people. Our program, The Hero’s Journey, aims to enrich the lives of children by offering opportunities for creative expression, personal growth, and learning.


We are deeply committed to reaching underserved communities and providing opportunities to participate in the arts by connecting them with their local theatre. We actively collaborate with local schools in Essex and London to deliver our programs to children who may not have the means or opportunities to participate in the local theatre’s theatrical activities. By doing so, we contribute to bridging the educational and cultural gaps prevalent in our society.